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Benefits of Hosting a Wine And Paint Party For Your Apartment Community

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In the property management business, the holy grail is the elusive ‘sense of community’ among residents, which creates bonds between residents and the property itself. That sense of community gets leases renewed and encourages referrals from current residents.

Paint and sip classes are becoming increasingly popular. Mix cocktails and creativity, and you have a recipe for a fun night out! Artherapy Studios brings the party to your clubhouse and supplies all of the necessary materials. There are numerous benefits to hosting a mobile paint party. With participants seated at their own easels, a professional artist will walk your group through creating a masterpiece. 

Laid Back Atmosphere- A paint and sip is intentionally designed to foster a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. The painting serves as a common activity that naturally sparks interactions. 

Low Key Competition- A paint and sip provides a healthy outlet for these competitive tendencies, allowing those who choose to compete to do so in a fun and lighthearted way.

Bonding Moments- The low-stress shared experience makes people more inclined to ask for or offer help.

Wide Age Appeal- paint and sip events appeal to all ages, from young children through senior citizens. This broad appeal makes a paint and sip an ideal choice for your community residents. 

Artherapy Studios is family owned and operated and brings the party to you. To learn more about Artherapy Studios, visit their website or call to book your next party! 

Artherapy Studios
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