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Forest Park Great Balloon Race and Balloon Glow, St. Louis, MO

Balloon Glow Balloon Race Forest Park St. Louis

Come celebrate the joy of balloon-brightened skies as we honor in art the 44th anniversary of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, founded in 1973, the majestic event came into the hands of the "Fab Four" in 1977. They continue to coordinate it today, and have brought it to its status as the oldest and most well-attended free hot-air balloon event in the entire world. Three of the four have themselves won the race at least once. An impressive 150,000 spectators watch seventy world class balloon pilots yearly. 


The associated Ballon Glow Dinner benefits the precious animals entrusted to the care of The Humane Society. For $150 per person or $1500 per table of 10, attendees can celebrate the beauty of the balloons in the skies while caring for pets awaiting for forever homes. Please join us Friday Sept 16 7-9 pm to share in the excitement of this spectacular event on canvas while sharing friendship, conversation, and refreshments. We will look forward to seeing you. 

JoAnn Hartmann

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