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More Stuff for Christmas

Thanksgiving is over and it is time to get serious about Christmas.  How much more stuff do we need?  Growing up, we barely had closets, much less storage rooms or a storage unit.  I'm considering gifts of experiences rather than more stuff that needs a space in the house.

What mom wouldn't like a spa night or a girls night out?  For the more adventurous family, consider a day of rock climbing or zip lining.  A family membership to the zoo or the Muny would provide many outings to share together.  

I like the idea of giving experiences rather than physical stuff.  Season tickets to Six Flags would provide months of fun.

How about sharing a class together. Learn to cook or paint?  Artherapy Studios has a variety of date night ideas as well as children's classes.. They even have a girl's night out and a spa night.

St. Louis provides any number of opportunities for experience gifts instead of stuff.  Try giving someone a tent and camping equipment then enjoy those outings together.  This could be combined with horseback riding, float trips, or photography lessons.The photos you take could be used in creating scrapbooks together or as inspirations to create paintings.  Kids don't remember their best day of television but they remember for the rest of their lives those outings together. 

Another way to go is to put together gift kits like craft buckets including scissors, glue, paper, string, etc.or garden kits with seeds, flower pots, etc to enjoy growing flowers or vegetables.  Think about a movie night kit with a DVD, popcorn, sodas, etc--maybe even costumes to go along with the theme of the movie.

Family game night will certainly make memories.  Games like Apples to Apples, Uno, or Phase 10 are fun to share. And if you give gifts like that, it is fun to hide the gifts and make a treasure hunt.

One might consider the four gift rules

1 something they want

2 something they need

3 somethings to wear

4 something to read








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