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Artherapy Studios Covid-19 prevention policy

In an effort to help keep Covid-19 from spreading the following is what we have suggested to all of our venues and party locations to stay compliant to St. Louis County mandate.

  • We will have a smaller groups, 1-2 people will be sat at a 6-8ft table
  • Tables will be spread out throughout the room.
  • Instructors will have on a masks at all times (unless they are more than 6' away from anyone and just need to take a breath)
  • Participants are required to wear a mask when entering the facility until they get to their table
  • Participants can take off their masks while at their seat.
  • Masks are required when walking around and to ¬†leave the room.
  • If you have a fever or any other symptoms we ask that you do not attend the party.

We are all in this together and hope this pandemic will pass from us all soon.